In the Footsteps of a Thousand Griefs (Paperback)

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The fifth collection in the Seattle Youth Poet Laureate Series, In the Footsteps of a Thousand Griefs is a thrilling exploration of culture, personhood, empowerment, and grief for the things we must leave behind. Lee's poems are intimately shaped both by her childhood in Taiwan and her current life in-and love for-Seattle. She shuttles us between continents and years, navigating through those primal relationships that shape the places we call home. Both brave and vulnerable, attentive to sorrow and beauty alike, these poems draw strength from the past even as they question the present, reminding us there is reflective power and honor in even the smallest steps we take take toward our future becoming.
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ISBN: 9781949166033
ISBN-10: 1949166031
Publisher: Poetry Northwest Editions
Publication Date: May 26th, 2020
Pages: 68
Language: English