The Road of Us (Paperback)

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This is the story of a first love. This is the story of a first heartbreak. And this is the story of two people who simply couldn't rewrite the stars. sb. Maamari is revolutionizing the way the world is viewing poetry. She takes us, in five chapters, through the stages we all experience when we first fall in love, and what happens after we get our hearts broken. It deals with first intimacy experiences, emotional abuse, trauma, survival, and how love can change a person, for the worst or for the better. Each chapter serves a different story. Each chapter is set in a different time. But all chapters lead to the road of surviving the impossible. Sometimes love can be magical, and out of this world, but can lead to nowhere. This is the road of us.

About the Author

sb. Maamari has been writing since the age of ten, and she hasn't stopped ever since. At twenty-four years old, this young poet aims to bring back classic poetry and merge it with the modern one. Her style of writing is inspired by the great talents of Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, Oscar Wilde and Pablo Neruda, just to name a few. She hopes that her words pierces everyone's souls, and not just their hearts. she has many ambitions in this world, and she knows that she will achieve them all. Her next chapter in life will be to create music that plays the melody of her words. She is an artist after all. Not just a writer.
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ISBN: 9781985037120
ISBN-10: 1985037122
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2018
Pages: 318
Language: English