Conversational Portuguese Quick and Easy - Part 2: The Most Innovative Technique To Learn the Portuguese Language (Paperback)

Conversational Portuguese Quick and Easy - Part 2: The Most Innovative Technique To Learn the Portuguese Language By Yatir Nitzany Cover Image
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Have you always wanted to learn how to speak Portuguese but simply didn't have the time?If so, then, look no further. You can hold in your hands one of the most advanced and revolutionary methods ever designed for quickly becoming conversational in a language.If your heart has been set on learning Portuguese, then the Conversational Portuguese Quick and Easy series is the ideal way to learn quickly and comprehensively. The aim is to get you talking to those around you as quickly as possible. The three books in the series work together. In Part 1, you learn the core set of words, three hundred and fifty of them, and then in Part 2, you learn the sentences that you need to supplement the core words. In Part 3, your set of sentences is expanded to increase the topics you can talk about. This set of language tools is all you need to master the language to even greater proficiency and quicker than with other courses.If your previous attempts at learning Portuguese have failed, then this series will restore your sense of hope and success. The trick is in identifying which topics are useful and gathering just the right sentences and words. The author draws on his own experiences in learning other languages, which brought him to discover this unique method.In Part 2, you are presented with a wide range of topics for learning conversational languages, and this helps you get involved with greater possibilities for engaging in conversation. This method helps students learn faster and easier. It is a flawless method that has proven itself time and time again.If you decide to travel to Brazil then this book will help you speak the Portuguese language.This method has worked for the author and surpasses any other conversational language-learning method system currently on the market today. By including social issues such as travel, common themes such as food, daily activities like eating, and essential practices like shopping, it will help you to engage with more people who speak the language you are learning.Don't wait to travel. Learn Portuguese using this new method, and set yourself free to explore the world.
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Publication Date: June 14th, 2020
Pages: 66
Language: English