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The year 1866 was signalised by a remarkable incident, a mysterious and puzzlingphenomenon, which doubtless no one has yet forgotten. Not to mention rumours which agitatedthe maritime population and excited the public mind, even in the interior of continents, seafaringmen were particularly excited. Merchants, common sailors, captains of vessels, skippers, both ofEurope and America, naval officers of all countries, and the Governments of several States onthe two continents, were deeply interested in the matter.For some time past vessels had been met by "an enormous thing," a long object, spindleshaped, occasionally phosphorescent, and infinitely larger and more rapid in its movements thana whale.The facts relating to this apparition (entered in various log-books) agreed in most respects asto the shape of the object or creature in question, the untiring rapidity of its movements, itssurprising power of locomotion, and the peculiar life with which it seemed endowed. If it was awhale, it surpassed in size all those hitherto classified in science. Taking into consideration themean of observations made at divers times-rejecting the timid estimate of those who assignedto this object a length of two hundred feet, equally with the exaggerated opinions which set itdown as a mile in width and three in length-we might fairly conclude that this mysterious beingsurpassed greatly all dimensions admitted by the learned ones of the day, if it existed at all. Andthat it DID exist was an undeniable fact; and, with that tendency which disposes the human mindin favour of the marvellous, we can understand the excitement produced in the entire world bythis supernatural apparition. As to classing it in the list of fables, the idea was out of the question.
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