Elliott Bay Underground YA Book Group


The Elliott Bay Underground is our convention-breaking young adult book group.

  • Open to all teens grades 6-12.
  • No assigned book/reading - read what you like!
  • Exclusive access to advanced copies of upcoming titles. 
  • Group meetings are moderated by one of our booksellers, but the teens run the show and lead all the discussion!
  • This is about reading what you like and sharing it with others. This is also about sharing what you didn't like or why you put the book down. 
  • Amazing opportunity to discover new authors and fantastic series before your friends (or Hollywood) has even heard of them!
  • The group meets upstairs in the mezzanine on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM.
Interested in reading some reviews from the book group members? Check out the Underground's blog
Anything we didn't answer here? Have questions? Contact Holly at hmyers@elliottbaybook.com