High Resolution Microbial Single Cell Analytics (Kobo eBook)

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Light Microscopic Analysis of Mitochondrial Heterogeneity in Cell Populations and Within Single Cells, by S. Jakobs, S. Stoldt, and D. Neumann

Advanced Microscopy of Microbial Cells, by J. A. J. Haagensen, B. Regenberg, and C. Sternberg


Algebraic and Geometric Understanding of Cells, Epigenetic Inheritance of Phenotypes Between Generations, by K. Yasuda


Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Single Microbial Cells, by C. R. Thomas, J. D. Stenson, and Z. Zhang

**Single Cell Analy****tics:**Pushing the Limits of the Doable,
by H. Kortmann, L.M. Blank, and A. Schmid

Cultivation-Independent Assessment of Bacterial Viability, by F. Hammes, M. Berney, and T. Egli

Resolution of Natural Microbial Community Dynamics by Community Fingerprinting, Flow Cytometry and Trend Interpretation Analysis, by P. Bombach, T. Hübschmann, I. Fetzer, S. Kleinsteuber, R. Geyer, H. Harms, and S. Müller
*Multivariate Data Analysis Methods for the Interpretation of Microbial Flow Cytometric Data, by

H.M. Davey, and C.L. Davey


From Single Cells to Microbial Population Dynamics:

Modelling in Biotechnology Based on Measurements of Individual Cells, by T. Bley

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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011