ABEER Y. HOQUE and Friends


A writer and photographer whose family is Bangladeshi, part of a diaspora that saw her with childhood in Nigeria, then later, with family, to Philadelphia, before setting out to other points in the U.S. and Bangladesh on her own, Abeer Hoque has written a telling tale in her luminous book,  Olive Witch: A Memoir (Harper 360), the first of her books to (finally) be published in the U.S. This should be a strong evening, some of us first seeing Abeer Hoque hold forth brilliantly at the 2016 Jaipur Literature Festival. It’s on the page, too.

“Abeer Hoque has written a memoir that sneaks up on you, and suddenly you are captivated. Here is a story of finding one’s place in a world that insists too strongly on national borders and other lines of division. Here is a story of crossing borders–of rising above burdens of identity, of learning to accept oneself as well as the circumstances of one’s birth. Here is a story of one woman’s journey to self-actualization.” - Chinelo Okparanta.

“An unflinching yet luminously beautiful take on family, race, sex and the treachery of memory. Don’t be fooled by the frangipani beauty of Abeer Hoque’s prose. Its razor-sharp edges can draw blood.” - Sandip Roy.

Reading with Abeer Hoque tonight are poet and prose writer Carol Guess, comics artist Amanda Davidson and poet, critic and book artist Deborah Poe.

Friday, March 10, 2017 - 7:00pm
The Elliott Bay Book Company
1521 Tenth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122