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One of our most essential journalists at work today, Democracy Now!’s indomitable Amy Goodman, makes this welcome Seattle return, along with co-author and Democracy Now! collaborator Denis Moynihan. The paperback of her bestselling book, Democracy Now!: Twenty Years Covering the Movements Changing America (Simon & Schuster, also co-authored with David Goodman), coming a year after their full house appearance for the hardcover, is a vivid reminder of how much has happened this past year -and how important Democracy Now!  has been in helping chronicle who is doing what. It’s also seen Amy Goodman, in covering the peaceful protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock, have attempts to arrest her made.

“Goodman … celebrates the program’s ‘remarkable journey’ with this angry, hard-hitting volume. From Clinton to the current presidential campaign, no politician escapes the authors’ critique … The authors also discuss military interventions; whistleblowers (Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning merit praise) and the government’s attempt to quash them; immigration policy; capital punishment; income inequality; responses to climate change; the “routine” indignities inflicted on gay men and lesbians and the brave LGBTQ resisters; police brutality and the nation’s ineffectual and racist prison system; the Black Lives Matter movement; and the scandal of psychologists’ sanctioning of torture. “Independent media is the oxygen of democracy,” the authors assert. An impassioned book aiming to fuel informed participation, outrage, and dissent." -Kirkus Reviews.

$5 tickets are available at the door or in advance via (1.888.377.4510).

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 7:30pm
Town Hall Seattle
1119 Eighth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101