Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen continues his investigation into the place of technology in our lives with his newest, How to Fix the Future (Atlantic Monthly Press).

“In this engaging, provocative book, [Keen] outlines five strategies – regulation, competitive innovation, consumer choice, civic responsibility, and education – that, working in collaboration, can help ensure an open, decentralized digital future . . . Valuable insights on preserving our humanity in a digital world.” –Kirkus Reviews.

“After years of giddiness about the wonders of technology, a new realization is dawning: the future is broken. Andrew Keen was among the first and most insightful to see it. The combination of the digital revolution, global hyperconnectivity, and economic dysfunction has led to a populist backlash and destruction of civil discourse. In this bracing book, Keen offers tools for righting our societies and principles to guide us in the future.” –Walter Isaacson.

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