Finnish journalist Anu Partenan is based in the U.S., where she writes for numerous publications. A piece contrasting and comparing life in Scandinavia and the U.S. that ran in The Atlantic elicited such interest that she kept developing the story, which now is the enticing book, The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life (HarperCollins). “This is a wonderful, hopeful book about what American society could be—not by adopting Nordic ‘socialism,’ but by embracing the values that have allowed Nordic citizens to enjoy more freedom and equality than in present-day America. The American Dream was once an inspiration to the world. Anu Partanen shows us how to rediscover it.” —Robert B. Reich. “In her careful, evenhanded series of thoughtful essays, Partanen, who just became an American citizen, parses the recipe for Nordic success that even the self-congratulatory ‘exceptional’ American may want to ponder and adapt. … An earnest, well-written work worth heeding, especially in our current toxic political climate.” - Kirkus Reviews.

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