Austin Woerner with translations of Su Wei

A young man sent to the countryside for re-education during China’s Cultural Revolution is tricked into a ghost marriage with a spirit bride but later finds love within a community of reclusive, free spirited lumberjacks in Su Wei’s novel, The Invisible Valley (Small Beer). Like many Chinese writers of his generation, Su Wei spent his teenage years being "re-educated" through farm labor in the countryside. Known for his nonfiction essays and novels, he left China in 1989, and since 1997 he has taught Chinese language and literature at Yale University.

Austin Woerner is a Chinese-English literary translator. His works include two volumes of poetry, Doubled Shadows: Selected Poetry of Ouyang Jianghe and Phoenix.

"The Invisible Valley is an extraordinary novel. It opens, even to Chinese readers, the world of a southern hinterland, a world of rubber groves, mystery and superstition. At the same time, the novel is intimately rooted in China's modern history and resonates with universal implications. Austin Woerner's vivid and supple translation has made it even more readable."-- Ha Jin

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By Su Wei, Austin Woerner (Translator)
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