Barry Lopez

Over thirty years ago, in the wake of his National Book Award-winning Arctic Dreams, Barry Lopez signed to write another ‘large’ book. The years since have seen striking collections of stories and knowing books of essays, among other literary endeavors. But until now, not this long awaited book. Horizon (Knopf), written with utmost  grace and attentiveness, is that book. However many journeys it’s been, how many lives lived (within a life), this one says so much.  

“Revelatory. . . Attentive in the world, rigorous on the page, morally inquisitive and bracingly candid, Lopez is a writer of conscience who illuminates the nexus between natural and human history. In his most encompassing, autobiographical, passionately detailed, and reflective book—a life’s travelogue—he shares memories, stories, observations, concerns, condemnations, and hope.  ‘Each place on earth goes deep,’ writes Lopez, as does he. He poses tough questions, and shares wisdom, all while looking to the horizon, ‘the sill of the sky, separating what the eye could see from what the mind might imagine.’” —Donna Seaman, Booklist.

“An essential voice in American writing. Barry Lopez’s stories of inquiry and discovery are gloriously riveting, bringing the reader into a research boat, an archaeological site, a night-tent conversation, water forty feet under the edge of an ice shelf. At each place where he turns his eye and mind, something is learned of existence’s richness and meaning. A master work. This book is a map to treasures everywhere buried.” —Jane Hirshfield.  

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