Stonehill College professor Corey Dolgon has written a timely, incisive critique of things with his book, Kill It to Save It: An Autopsy of Capitalism’s Triumph Over Democracy (Policy Press). “To understand the popularity of Italian Fascism in the ’30s, we needed Antonio Gramsci. To understand the popular malaise among the US middle class in the ’50s, we needed C. Wright Mills. And to understand the popularity of Donald J. Trump and the prevailing logic that turns billionaires into job creators, unions into job destroyers, and climate scientists into godless Communists, we need Corey Dolgon. Clear-eyed and perceptive, Dolgon reveals that the new ‘common sense’ upholding privatization, deregulation, wealth concentration, and the erosion of democracy and civil liberties as the only path to prosperity was not the handiwork of Fox News and wily neocons but the outcome of a deeper ideological and cultural shift. Kill It to Save It is mandatory reading if we are to replace the neoliberal ‘common sense’ with the radical possibilities of ‘good sense.’” - Robin D.G. Kelley

Friday, April 7, 2017 - 7:00pm
The Elliott Bay Book Company
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