David Neiwert

Seattle-based investigative reporter and author David Neiwert, whose books have included an important work on Japanese American internment during World War II (Strawberry Days), has in recent years been doing major work tracking the extreme, now-more-visible right in this country. His newest book, Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump (Verso), gives researched, informed background on they who are getting more airplay and space in the so-called mainstream.

“Over the last two decades, David Neiwert has been one of our finest analysts of the American far right, paying sustained, serious and careful attention to the seemingly fringe movements of conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists. Now it turns out these movements are not so fringe after all but have helped elect Donald Trump as president. This crisply written book, grounded in his solid reporting, tells the whole sordid story with clarity and force. More than anyone else, Neiwert understands that Trumpism has deep roots in American culture and history. In this book, he lays out those roots for all to see.” —Jeet Heer.

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