John Crocker

Seattle writer and physician John Crocker speaks about his eight months as a student studying families of wild chimpanzees with Jane Goodall in Gombe in Tanzania and how the experience influenced him as a family doctor and father. Tonight’s program, based on his book, Following Fifi: My Adventures Among Wild Chimpanzees: Lessons From Our Closest Relatives (recently published in paperback by Pegasus Press), includes film clips, slides, and an audience Q&A.

“A truly extraordinary book. As I read it I was transported back to those wonderful days when I lived in Gombe. It is fascinating to read how John's observations of chimpanzee children with their mothers and other family members helped him understand the problems of a human child.” -- Jane Goodall.

Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 7:00pm
The Elliott Bay Book Company
1521 Tenth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122