John Nichols

National affairs writer for The Nation, a contributor to numerous other publications, a frequent guest on MSNBC, the BBC, and NPR, John Nichols makes this welcome Seattle return, this for his timely new book, Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse: A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous People in America (Nation Books).

"The great threat posed by Donald Trump's presidency does not begin or end with him. Trump's appointees have the power to privatize, to deregulate and to rip apart the American dream. They are already attacking our liberties, our social-safety net and our planet. With this deeply reported and profoundly honest book, John Nichols exposes them all. For citizens who seek to resist not just Trump but Trumpism, this is the essential book." - Thom Hartmann.

"This is the real story of the Trump administration -- not what Trump is tweeting but what his appointees are doing to undermine civil rights, economic security and the environment. John Nichols gets behind the scenes, finds the truth and reveals it all. If you want to go beyond the 'alternative facts,' the 'fake news' and the media spin, you must read this book.” - Rev. Jesse Jackson.  

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Monday, September 11, 2017 - 7:30pm
The Summit
420 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122
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