Khary Lazarre-White

Nationally renowned as a social justice advocate, activist, and attorney, Khary Lazarre-White, co-founder and executive director of The Brotherhood/Sister Sol, the recipient of numerous awards and honors, is here from his Harlem home to read from and discuss his first novel, Passage (7 Stories). This should be quite the evening. We’re pleased to be working with our friends at NAAM to make it happen.

“As [protagonist] Warrior experiences dangers real and imagined, current and ancestral, Lazarre-White, activist and founder of a Harlem-based youth-education organization, infuses his vivid journey with thought- and discussion-provoking symbolism. This is a unique and haunting portrayal of a young black man considering his inheritance, and his destiny.”  –Booklist.

“Khary Lazarre-White’s gripping, relentless dive into the inner life of a young African American male named Warrior invites readers into a world where few have dared to venture. In this world, mysticism and madness walk hand in hand with the waking reality of so many young Black men in America, a reality that by any rational measure is itself insane. In Passage, Lazarre-White offers insights and answers to the one question the media never asks when scrutinizing young Black men for their responses to that reality: Why?” —Susan L. Taylor.

Free admission. Co-presented with NAAM/NORTHWEST AFRICAN AMERICAN MUSEUM.

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 7:00pm
Northwest African American Museum
2300 S Massachusetts Street
Seattle, WA 98144
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