Langdon Cook

Seattle writer and foraging expert Langdon Cook weighs in on the fate of wild salmon (and those who make their living from the salmon industry) this evening. His book, Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon, from River to Table (Ballantine), takes readers from the Alaska spawning grounds to the local dinner table. Given the shifting political landscape, it’s likely that he’ll be speaking about recent developments affecting this vulnerable natural resource.

“Upstream introduces the next generation of conservationists, more focused on science and collaboration as a pathway toward recovery than on lawsuits. In the process, Cook takes the reader on a thrilling adventure through the mountains, rivers, farmlands, and kitchens where progress, against all odds, is being made.”--Zeb Hogan, biologist and host of National Geographic's Monster Fish.

Langdon Cook’s previous books include The Mushroom Hunters and Fat of the Land.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 7:00pm
The Elliott Bay Book Company
1521 Tenth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122
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