Margaret Randall & Cedar Sigo

One year after we virtually hosted a program with one of the enduring political and social justice literary artists at work over the decades, Margaret Randall, along with Cedar Sigo, her for 2020 memoir, I Never Left Home: Poet, Feminist, Revolutionary, we virtually welcome them back, this time each having two new books in hand. For Margaret Randall, the two new books are Out of Violence Into Poetry: Poems 2018 - 2021 (Wings Press) and Thinking About Thinking: Not Quite Essays (Casa Urraca Press).

"Out of Violence into Poetry by Margaret Randall represents the height of poetry written in any language in the last hundred years and constitutes the broadest, most generous, penetrating and most profound gamble on the part of an extraordinary human being, an extraordinary life and work, on that which we call future. This book—concrete, situated, tangible in its truth and commitment, in its fierce and corrosive irony and public kindness and compassion—creates a fresco that is at once compendium and legacy … Here are the most penetrating and powerful metaphors that a book of poetry can give us in the unending, second-to-second struggle that millions of people across the face of the earth wage in order to become fully human and continue to be so. Only a great poet, a poet of Margaret Randall's magnitude, could title her book Out of Violence into Poetry and include in it one of the most moving poems I have had the privilege of reading: 'I Celebrate.' No one who reads or writes will be able to diminish this poetic triumph. As with all great works, no one could have imagined something like it could have been written. And yet it was. Thank you, Margaret Randall." —Raul Zurita.

“Discerning and deeply humane, these essays from international award-winning poet, activist, author Margaret Randall are gems of wisdom, originality, and vision, challenging us to rethink the very process of thought itself. Distilled with age and her wide-ranging art and activism over the course of eight decades, these pieces are quintessential Randall: profound, moving, unforgettable.”— Minrose Gwin.

For Cedar Sigo, who hails from the Suquamish Reservation - and lives in nearby Lofall - this welcome Elliott Bay return includes two new releases from Seattle’s Wave Books. Recently released is a book drawn from his giving lectures in the Bagley Wright Series on poetics, Guard the Mysteries

Guard the Mysteries is a collection of five talks given by poet Cedar Sigo for the Bagley Wright Lecture Series in 2019. His scope is broad, considering everything from poetry’s potential as a revolutionary force to concepts of identity, personal and shared histories, and the life and work of poets who have been influential in his practice. But “lectures” would be too reductive of a word for what Sigo has accomplished. Each talk works in dialogue with the others, oscillating fluidly between different themes and ideas, rhythmically building towards a satisfying culmination. The lectures, presented over several months, achieve an orchestral resonance when read consecutively. Sigo touches the heart of what it means to not only be a poet, but to be living. That is not to say these talks lose themselves in abstract, ethereal concepts—they are teeming with interesting anecdotes about key figures in America’s literary and activist history, and are firmly grounded in the real world. Writers and readers alike will find this work enriching and informative…” - Alex Kapsidelis, Columbia Journal. We’re also hoping to have in hand a hot-off-the-presses new collection of poems, All This Time.

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Out of Violence into Poetry: Poems 2018–2021 Cover Image
ISBN: 9781609406196
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(This book cannot be returned.)
Published: Wings Press - September 1st, 2021

Thinking about Thinking Cover Image
ISBN: 9781735151649
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Casa Urraca Press - September 7th, 2021

I Never Left Home: Poet, Feminist, Revolutionary Cover Image
ISBN: 9781478006183
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Duke University Press - March 13th, 2020

Guard the Mysteries (Bagley Wright Lecture) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781950268290
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Wave Books - June 2nd, 2021

All This Time Cover Image
ISBN: 9781950268467
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order: Scroll Down to Product Details for Release Date
Published: Wave Books - October 5th, 2021

Royals Cover Image
ISBN: 9781940696539
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Wave Books - September 5th, 2017

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