Saturday University with Tamara Sears

Following Rivers Rich in Honey: Narratives of Travel, Environmental Design, and the Indian Landscape

How are representations of water in Indian art and literature related to experiences of travel in the real world? Sears looks at religious contexts associated with pilgrimage and sacred landscape along rivers. Outside of religion, she also considers how the flow of rivers and distribution of water have influenced military campaigns, town planning, and economic development in a globalizing world.

About the Presenter:

Tamara Sears, Associate Professor of Art History at Rutgers University, specializes in the art and architectural history of South Asia, with interests in how political power, religion, and sacred architecture were related in ancient and medieval India. She has also written on the continuity and reuse of Hindu temple and monastery sites during the Islamic period. Her first book, Worldly Gurus and Spiritual Kings: Architecture and Asceticism in Early Medieval India, examines the emergence of the Hindu monastery as a new architectural type during the eighth through 12th centuries, connected with local forms of power and new forms of ritual practice. Her new project looks at architecture as an archive for mapping mobility, cultural authority, and the spread of religious knowledge and courtly culture around the turn of the first millennium.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017 - 10:00am
Seattle Art Museum
1300 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101