Scotto Moore

Seattle writer, playwright, and all-around creative force Scotto Moore virtually launches his wildly captivating new novel, Battle of the Linguist Mages (tordotcom) this evening. Known for his earlier novella, Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You; a web-based series, The Coffee table, and plays such as H.P. Lovecraft: Stand-up Comedian, and Balconies, this new book is quite the spirited romp.

“Moore takes readers on a roller coaster of weird in this wildly entertaining gonzo adventure. For the past eight years, Isobel Bailie has dominated the leaderboards of Sparkle Dungeon, a popular series of medieval rave-themed VR games. Her expertise and skill, especially with the game’s voice-based spell-casting system, earns her a job with Sparkle Dungeon’s PR firm as a senior marketing specialist … That’s just the tip of an increasingly impossible iceberg, as Isobel learns that a conceptual thunderstorm is poised to destroy reality and winds up caught between a ruthless cabal of powerful people and a group of spell-casting anarchists, each with a conflicting plan to save the world. Moore’s tale, adapted from several of his earlier plays, is audacious, ambitious, and metatextual, packed with such wild concepts as sentient punctuation marks, musical weapons, and multilayered reality …Moore never loses sight of his characters’ humanity or the underlying sense of adventure and humor. Readers will love it as much for the outlandish ideas as for the narrative complexity and sense of fun.” -  Publishers Weekly.

“It reads like Snow Crash had a dance-off with Gideon the Ninth, in a world where language isn't a virus from outer space, it's a goddamn alien invasion.” —Charles Stross.




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ISBN: 9781250767721
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Published: Tordotcom - January 11th, 2022

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 7:00pm
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